Happy New Year

Ok! This post is a little late but I thought I’d give blogging another chance.  Wow! Has it really been over three years since I’ve logged on? Well you know, life happens. I hope this time around I can update once a week and try to post something helpful or at least entertaining to keep you coming back. I hope that you all had a great 2016 and are ready to take on 2017.  I am!  So how many of you have already given up on your New  Year’s resolution?  This year my biggest challenge will be training for my very first marathon. Along with logging more miles and challenging my body I would also love to expand my library and challenge my brain and read more books this year!  Any suggestions?



Falling off the wagon

We’ve all done it. We make a goal, stick to it consistently for a certain period of time and then all of a sudden BOOM! We fall off the wagon or hit a bump on the road.

For the past three weeks I haveTRIED to maintain a Vegan diet. No I didn’t go cold turkey. Two weeks prior to making my decision to transition to a vegan life-style, I started with green smoothies in the morning. I was obsessed with making these smoothies and creating all sorts of recipes, plus it was a jump start to my morning workouts. I then decided to slowly take away meat and fish and added more “greens” then the animal by-products went to the way side . Even though I was eliminating these from my diet, I still had to cook them. Oh, yes, I have a husband who REFUSES to eliminate meat from his plate. Oh, the temptations. Honestly the meat products, I have not craved (well except that one time when I made my husband pepperoni pizza, but that’s another post) the fish I miss, but it’s the cheese, eggs, and yogurt that I really dream about for which I haven’t really found substitutes for.

I got so excited one time in the grocery store when I came across a block of “veggie” cheese, not reading the full list of ingredients I threw it in my basket. It wasn’t until I got home to find out milk was one of the ingredients. Hating that I wasted money, I decided to eat one. I didn’t like it, and in the garbage it went. I felt so guilty eating that little piece and asked myself “why did you do it”? It’s a small mistake, but sometimes it’s those little triggers that will just bring you down, to make you feel like a failure. Whether you ate an Oreo cookie after a hard work out, or went to Starbucks for that favorite beverage, don’t beat yourself up for it. We all stumble, and that’s ok. The important thing is to acknowledge it and be accountable for it, acknowledge your progress and how well you’ve done. Move forward and recommit to doing better the next day.

Green smoothie challenge

In part of trying to live a healthier diet and living a greener lifestyle, I thought making green smoothies would not only be beneficial, but could really pave the road to achieving this goal.

I initially started making green smoothies 2 weeks before the new year, because I knew that this would be my ULTIMATE New Year’s Resolution (Yes, I started early). Like any other nu-be I began with the basics, spinach, banana, apples and celery. I also made my smoothies with Almond Vanilla Milk and coconut water which has made the smoothies really tasty. I surprisingly liked it. The only taste I really could not get use to was the celery. It’s almost been one month and honestly I’ve felt great ever since I’ve started. I’ve got my sister now drinking green smoothies with her daughter and my husband has even started asking if I can make them for him. Here are just a few of my favorites.

New year, new goals

It’s a new year and everyone makes them. New Years Resolutions! By now the gyms are flooded with eager “gym-goers” wanting to shed those holiday pounds. For the past 2 years I’ve been steadily working out and running miles after miles, but I really have not gotten the results I really wanted. I lost the weight, it’s the “eating healthy” part, I have yet to conquer. Along with training for my first half marathon my new years resolution is to EAT HEALTHY, incorporating more “green” into my diet and eliminate meat (slowly)and consume less sugar. Too much? I don’t think so, since I am not planning on going cold turkey. I know this will be hard, and I’ll probably eat an Oreo or two along the way, but I’m human. My ultimate goal is to live a Vegetarian lifestyle, and I know this will not happen overnight.

On the road to recovery

After consistantly running for weight loss for over 2 years, I finally got my first “runner” injury. I’ve managed 2-5k’s, 3-10k’s and my 1-half marathon without serius injuries. After returning from a one month vacation, I went back to my “normal” routine of working out and pulled some “thing” in my knee while out on a run with a friend of mine. I thought I could run through it but two weeks later It still bothered me and it was getting worst.

Finally I went to my doctor and she refered me to a physical therapist. I saw him a week later and diagnosed me with ITBS (Illiotibial Band Syndrome) For all you runners you know how frustrating it can be to suffer from an injury. Before my injury I had plans on running my first marathon within a few weeks. I went home with some bad news that day. I was told there was no way I was gonna be able to run that marathon. I agreed. As dissapointed as I was, I knew I had to take some time to really recover. He sent me home with a list of stretching exercise to help me get my knee back in tip-top-shape. I skipped running for the next week and focused on the stretches, I did most of them in the sauna in the gym. He told me to stop running but didn’t stop me from biking, using the elliptical machine or taking my regular classes of spinning, total body, and my bootcamp. Just because I couldn’t run did not give me the reason to stop working out.

Exactly one week later after doing the stretches 3-times a day, I got on the treadmill and decided to run for 30 minutes. I didn’t want to over due it, so i started with a 12 mpm pace. After the 12 minutes the pain started creeping in, so I slowed to a snail pace of 14mpm for the remaining of the half-hour. The pain started to dissapate but I did not want to make it worst. I finished my 30 minutes and followed it with my stretches. I know that it will take weeks maybe even months to recover, but I will recover. I have seen many people recover and have ran marathon after marathon, you all are my inspiration.

Back to fitness..

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. I took a vacation to visit my family in Charleston, South Carolina and I sort of neglected my fitness routine while I was there. I just got back a few weeks ago and jumped right back into it. I’ve returned to my usual Running, Spinning class and Total Body class and I receantly did a 10k local race with my running/workout friend and finished at a really sad 1:14 I was just happy I didn’t roll over during the hilly part of the race. Did I mention we got beer and pizza waiting for us at the finish line. Here’s our after picture enjoying our pizza and beer. Unfortunately I chose a really bitter beer and ended up not drinking it.

Having some fun!

A friend and I thought it would be fun to try and do a hand stand after our workout. After about ten tries I manage to finally do it with a little assistance with the wall mirror. I’ve got to say I impressed myself. A year ago I could barely hold a 15 second plank. I hope within a few months from now I will be stronger to do a “walking” hand stand.

Cheat day

So my motto is “if you’re gonna cheat, why not cheat all the way” and I did. My friend and I went to a local casino and ate in their buffet and this is what I ate. It’s a good thing I ran five miles that morning. The way I see it, I know I will not eat anything like this for atleast six months from now, so why not.